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Discover Thredbo property management was established just over fourteen years in frustration to the existing property management in the village. It was the opinion then that the focus was all about the satisfaction of the client and in return had little or total disregard for the owner of the property, the person who has invested heavily to make it available in the first place. We believe that investing in Thredbo is a great thing to do if you do it properly.

As multiple property owners in Thredbo and having bought and sold in the village. In the past we have purchased renovated, increased profitability with great clientele and then selling at a profit. We currently manage our properties plus another 50 properties mainly in the Woodridge and on Crackenback with a couple in the centre village.

A full list of our current management is at

Our reputation is for the highest returns and lowest costs to the owner in Thredbo. I am certain each of my owners would verify their satisfaction in the service that Discover Thredbo provides. Over the past 24 months the business has grown from word of mouth between owners we beleive that part of the satisfaction comes from the fact we are property owners first and this changes the way we approach property management.

We get our returns mainly through our marketing prowess and our domination of the internet and search engines.

Here is a list of just some of our websites;

Also many of the properties have their own website; ( Powder Onyx Ice ) – Tomarlin Views

In January 2006 we introduced a online bookings and management system which we designed and built specifically for our business and this today leads the way for online bookings in the Snowy Mountains.

Part of the design was to open up the communication and transparency between the owner/property manager/client so as the owner could see live what is going on. Under our system GENKAN, you the owner can login to the system, check current bookings, availability, check income and make owner bookings, view accounts online, log and monitor jobs with a wide variety of reports. Our philosophy is total transparency between the owner and the property manager.

Upon taking on new managements we professionally photograph every property and made 360 degree pano tours,  ( see )  All properties have “floor plans” on the websites. What this does is give visitors to our websites all the information and more to make a decision and in turn a booking.

Another key in what we do is that we are the only property management company in Thredbo that completes the whole transaction, that is bookings, bookings management, cleaning and maintenance. Unlike the alternative property managers we don’t use third parties to take bookings. This gives you a better clientele because half the people who take booking at some of these agencies have never been to Thredbo let alone visited the property they are booking and also means that there is no “double dipping” of management/booking commissions.

Our management costs work out to be much less than the current management and the other management companies in Thredbo, there are many other operational ways we are different but as I say above, the main difference is attitude and this comes from being a property owner in this village.

If this interests you please call us on 02 99297944 or email